Materiale per STRUTTURE

1) Normative

1.1) Normativa NTC 2018

2) Applicazioni (tools)

2.1) L’applicativo per: calcolo delle azioni (Eurocode 1), strutture in c.a. (Eurocode 2), strutture in acciaio (Eurocode 3), progettazione antisismica (Eurocode 8)

2.2) Database profili in acciaio (hot-rolled, cold-formed, bolts, welds, tolerances) “blue book”

2.3) L’applicativo per scegliere i profili in acciaio e legno secondo le azioni calcolati

2.4) L’applicativo per la verifica sezioni in c.a.

2.5) Carbon Footprint Tool for Buildings

2.6) LCA calculator

2.7) Steel joint cost calculator application and references

3) Maganizes:

3.1) New steel construction

3.2) Modern steel construction

4) Academic writing (For MSc students and PhD candidates)

Start with this: Oxford Guide to Plain English (a very good and tiny economic investment:

4.1) The Craft of Writing Effectively, Larry McEnerney , (hand-out in pdf)

4.2) Some suggestions on thesis writing

4.3) Ian Baldwin (Max Planck Institute): Making scientific writing painless (video)

4.4) How to write an abstract (text)

4.5) Some good generic academic sentences:

5) Recommended books, websites, information

5.1) Steel handouts ESDEP

5.2) Joints in steel construction: Simple joints to Eurocode 3

5.3) Joints in steel construction: Moment resisting joints


Failure case studies