I am a researcher studying new structural systems for a safe, resource-efficient and elegant built environment. I am currently an assistant professor in the Department of Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering of Politecnico di Milano. Here, I have four main research lines:

Fabrication of new structural systems using laser cutting and additive manufacturing.

Structural design using machine learning and and bio-inspired topology optimization.

Mitigation of dynamic actions (fatigue, seismic) on structures.

Earthquake-resistant structures using repairable connections with increased lifetime and sustainability.

I cover these topics at both component and full-scale levels, cooperating with industry and several research institutes. Some of the results have been published in more than 30 journal articles.

I transfer my research experience to the civil engineering and architecture undergraduate and graduate students in the university. My teaching environment is constructed through numerical simulation and experimentation in the classes, laboratories, and online with Socrates in  mind:

“Can it be, Ischomachus, that asking questions is teaching? I am just beginning to see what is behind all your questions. You lead me on by means of things I know, point to things that resemble them, and persuade me that I know things that I thought I had no knowledge of.” From Oeconomicus

To know more about my activity, you can scroll over this website or surf to the following links. If you would like to cooperate in research or teaching, please contact me.

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